Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ICSM at Kyoto International Conference Center

We enjoyed International Conference of Synthetic Metals (ICSM) held in Kyoto. My research groups (OPERA and BEANS) made 6 poster presentations and an invited talk. The conference was successfully organized by Profs. Akagi and Kawai, and the total number of attendee exceeded over 1500. We could enjoyed many chats with oversee researchers such as Prof. K. Leo and Dr. M. Muccini.

Jun has been fighted with Prof. Takenobu-san for a long time!

Kengo carefully explained his results. It is quite important results which chang OLED world!

Mao did his best to explain his results in English! Since his thermoelectric device is a novel technology, many researchers stopped by his poster.

Memorial photo with Prof. Takeya and Hayato. We will start collaboration!

We enjoyed dinner at the restaurant "Menami" recommended by Prof. Katsumi Tokumaru. Although the price is rather expensive for students, the sophisticated Kyoto cuisine made us relaxed feeling.

At the second party, Mao got deep sleep with a couple of Wines. Zzz....

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