Saturday, January 22, 2011

OPERA Winter School 2011!

OPERA winter school was held in Inamori hall in ITO campus. This program was co-held with G-COE program in Kyushu Univ. Thus, a lot of graduate students attend it and I believe that they really enjoyed the significant talks. The program was composed of both academic and industry sides that gives us both insight of science and technologies in organic electronics. The research field of organic electronics is expanding very much and novel ideas are really welcome. I hope young researchers join organic electronics and lead the new electronics and photonics world! I would like to thank all speakers and attendees! See you next WS2012!

Prof. Ken-Tsung Wong (NTU in Taiwan)

Dr. Nobuhiro Ide (Panasonic EW)
Prof. Jang-Joo Kim (SNU)
Dr. Barry P. Rand (imec)
Prof. Jianyoung Ouyang (NSU)
Prof. Jong-Hyun Ahn (SKKU in Korea)
Dr. Lun Tsai (AUO in Taiwan)
Dr. Jason Brooks (UDC in US)
Prof. Allan Sellinger (Stanford Univ.)
Dr. Stephen P. Grabowski (Phillips)
Prof. Hiroyuki Sasabe (CIST)
Dr. Reiji Hattori (KU)

Prof. Ken Takarabe (KU)

Masa Hirade made the first question from student!

Dr. Shuzo Hirata (KU)

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