Tuesday, June 29, 2010

IKSS (International Krutyn Summer School)

Last 5 days (23-28 June), I attended IKSS (International Krutyn Summer School) in Poland. It was really great time in my experience. I could exchange research idea with the forefront researchers such as Peter (USC), Stefan (Philips), Kido-san (Yamagata-U) and the European students who are quite smart and intelligent. I learned something important lifestyle what European have been cherished. While Krutyn is quite far from the Warsaw airport, 3.5 hr driving by car, I recommend to go there. You can find true nature. Also kayaking is a great fun!
Many thanks to Marek for your perfect preparation and hospitality!

Lectures in morning session


Bonfire continued until 2:00AM !

Kayaking : Be careful for too many mosquito !

Peter !

At local restaurant with Prof. Kido and Edward

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