Friday, June 11, 2010

OPERA Kick-off Meeting at Fukuoka Industry-Academia Synphonicity

Opera kick-off meeting was tool place at the community hall of Fukuoka Industry-Academia Synphonicity which locates just closed to Kyushu University. The meeting started from the greeting by Prof. Setsuo Arikawa of the president of Kyushu University, and successively by Mr. Takao Kuramochi of the councilor of MEXT, Mr. Kensuke Tomita of the councilor of METI and Mr. Hiroshi Yoshida of the mayor of Fukuoka city. After that, opera research leaders provided outlines of each research group. Also, Dr. Hidemi Takasu of an executive vice president of Rhom Co. made a memorial lecture entitled of "Toward Paradigm Shift by MORE THAN MOORE", providing significance of novel technologies beyond the silicon ones and globalization of our science and technology world. Finally Prof. Hiroto Yasuura of a vice president of Kyushu University made closing remarks with his warmful encouragement.
I sincerely thank all invited guests of honor and opera members and my students for their sincere contribution to this meeting!

Prof. Setsuo Arikawa (President of KU)

Mr. Hiroshi Yoshida (Mayor of Fukuoka city)

Mr. Takao Kuramochi (Councilor of MEXT)

Mr. Kensuke Tomita(Councilor of METI)

Prof. Chihaya Adachi

Prof. Masayuki Yahiro

Dr. Kenji Kawano

Dr. Tomohito Edura

Dr. Itaru Osaka (Prof. Takimiya's group)

Prof. Reiji Hattori

Prof. Hironori Kaji

Prof. Hedeyuki Murata

Prof. Hisao Ishii

Prof. Akihiro Orita

Prof. Yasukiyo Ueda

Prof. Aki Matsumoto

Dr. T. Nagase (Prof. Naito's group)

Dr Hidemi Takasu (Executive vice president of Rhom)

Prof. Hiroto Yasuura (Vice president of Kyushu University)

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