Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prof. Yasuhiro Koike in Keio Univ. visiting our laboratory

Today we had a joint workshop with Keio Univ. on Advanced Organic Materials at Inamori hall in Kyushu Univ. which was organized Prof. Atsushi Takahara. Prof. Yasuhiro Koike, Prof. Koji Suzuki and Prof. Yoichi Yokomizo kindly visited KU and gave a nice talks. Prof. Koike was also selected as the "FIRST program" on the research topics of optical fibers and next-generation face-to-face disply technologies and we could catch a glimpse of his project. His goal is quite clear and the research strategy was valuable information to our project. Hopfully we would like to visit Keio Univ. in next time. After the workshop and labo-tour in Takahara (JST-ERATO) and Adachi (OPERA) labs., we moved to Tenjin and had a friendly reunion. I was night owl day by day!

Labo tour in Adachi lab.

In front of West IV building

At workshop

Live squid

It is a secret house...!?

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