Friday, June 11, 2010

Opera lab tour preceding to the opera formal meeting

Before the opera kick-off meeting, we opened our laboratories. Our research staff introduced outlines of opera research program and recent our scientific results. In particular, Dr. Shuzo Hirata and his collaborators demonstrated the world first demonstration of electroluminescence from liquid organic semiconductors which will open true flexible and allow the novel device architecture.

The first demonstration of Liquid OLED !

Dr. Kentarou Harada talking on organic thermoelectric devices.

Dr. Takeshi Komino talking on molecular orientation.

Prof. Takuji Kato talking on measurement system of photo-physical experiments.

Dr. Kenichi Goushi talking on streak camera system.

Grad. student, Mr. Masaya Hirade talking on organic lasers.


Dr. Shigeyuki Matsunami talking on outlook for future organic electronics.

Dr. Taneda talking on organic synthesis facility.

Dr. Tetsuya Nakagawa talking on organic synthesis facility.

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